Who is Chris Young?

I am a writer and performer specialising in versatility. I do a lot of things with a lot of energy, but not all of the time and not all at once (although sometimes it feels like it).

I have lived in Scotland since 1993. Having been born and brought up in London, I moved to St Andrews for university (and stayed ten years), thence to Glasgow for more university (where I stayed for sixteen and a half years). I am now based in Nairn in the Highlands, with delightful views of (and over) the Moray Firth east of Inverness.

Over the years, I have won various competitions and awards; I have also won The Weakest Link and appeared on several other quiz shows such as Countdown and University Challenge.

I have degrees in Greek and Latin (St Andrews, 1997) and Law (Glasgow, 2005), as well as postgraduate qualifications in IT and legal practice and a diploma in natural sciences.

I am a member of Equity. 

Although I am involved in politics, polemic generally isn't my style.

I have tried my hand (and other extremities) at various sports. Presently I keep fit mainly by road running and strength training. 

I edit my own websites. Intermittently.

I'm usually friendly but sometimes very tired!

For anything else, read my writings, see my performances, or buy me a drink.