Since 2010, I have worked as an artist's model — portrait, life (nude), and points in between. My employers/clients include the Glasgow School of Art, the University of Strathclyde, East Renfrewshire Council and All The Young Nudes, as well as various small groups and individuals. I have modelled for various media, including paint, sculpture and photography; one project for/by Rosie O'Grady was filmed and featured in Channel 4's Random Acts.

I maintain a toned, supple physique suitable for anatomical studies and sustained, dynamic poses. I enjoy working with artists and tutors to create interest, impact and, where appropriate, interaction — employing physicality, facial expression and the creative use of furniture and props.

As an experienced performer/presenter/improviser, I bring with me skills to put nervous students at ease in a relaxed, professional environment, while maintaining a light, jovial mood in more informal contexts.

If you are interested in making art with me, do get in touch by email ( or phone/text/WhatsApp (+44 7773325703).

Meanwhile, please enjoy the following small gallery, with thanks to those artists who have granted me permission to share their work here (while retaining their intellectual property rights).

© Marion Knox (2019)
Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Strathclyde

© Sonia Ireland (2019)
Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Strathclyde

© Frank Boyle (23/04/2019)

© Linda Wheeler (23/04/2019)

© Sam Wingate (2018)

© Sam Wingate (2018)

© Ivor Sexton ("Ophelia and the Storm", 2012) 

© Devin Wallace

© Peter Thomason (28/03/2011)

 © Peter Thomason (28/03/2011)

© Peter Thomason (28/03/2011)

 © Peter Thomason (28/03/2011)

© Peter Thomason (28/03/2011)

 © Peter Thomason (28/03/2011)

 © Pete Thomason (14/02/2010)

 © Pete Thomason (21/02/2010)

The model(s) at work (2018)

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