Published Poetry

In print


Greetings from Glasgow, Red Squirrel Press, 2014


"I Can Still Smell You In My Duvet" in Tracks in the Sand, Federation of Writers (Scotland) / New Voices Press, 2011
"Perhaps You Know" in Valentine's Verse 2005, Anchor Books, 2005
"Inverted Rondeau" in The Language Of Love, Anchor Books, 2003
"And So Goodbye" in Come Away With Me, Anchor Books, 2003
"Ronnie" in Pictured Visions, Poetry Now, 2003
"Screaming" in Up The Wall, Poetry Now, 2003
"Les Tournesols" in Sanctuary, Poetry Now, 2000
"When Will You Be Mine?" in The Ultimate Villanelle Collection, Poetry Now, 1998
"Fascination" in A Portrait of a Poet, Poetry Now, 1998
"Dear Tony" in Just To Say..., Poetry Now, 1998
"Capital Offence" in Voices To Be Heard, Poetry Now, 1998
"Thumbscrew" in Regional Anthologies: London, Poetry Now, 1993


"And So Goodbye" in Raum #1, Summer 2015

Other publications

"Your Man" in Classical Association News, Number 24, June 2001


I have been a significant contributor to the Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form (OEDILF), where I poorly maintain a showcase.