Variety and Cabaret

Aside from my performance poetry, ventriloquism and music hall routines, I have devised and performed a number of odd routines to suit a variety of spaces.

Dickie Clifford is my principal alter ego in the world of burlesque (or boylesque). Dickie's routines are multi-layered comedy performance art with singing and flesh exposure (as below).

My drag alter ego Fousty Springburn has made the occasional appearance as chanteuse and hostess, with unique interpretations of the works of Dusty Springfield done to a karaoke backing track.

My 1920s alter ego Johnnie Suave prefers to sing to piano accompaniment, if available, though he has been known to get his banjolele out with mixed results.

I have written and performed numerous other songs and parodies.

I am an experienced compère and occasional stage manager.