Tuesday 8 February 2011

Tunnel of Lovin'

Last night at Sammy Dow's, in anticipation of Valentine's Day, I performed one of my more romantic poems...

Tunnel of Lovin’

Between Ibrox and Govan
There’s a tunnel of lovin’
Where engines get friendly
With pushing and shoving.
They sneak off the track
While their axles are supple
To sit in the sidings
And craftily couple.

Out of use, out of sight,
All their claddings they doff.
After rush hour’s over
They can’t wait to get off.

Just off Broomloan Road
Is the lovers’ abode.
It’s the depot, you know,
Where spare parts are bestowed.
In a frenzy of work,
At the surface and deep,
They are wrought and renewed
In their sleeper-borne sleep.

© Chris Young

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