Wednesday 23 March 2011

StAnza Slam Success!

Hooray! I did it! Go me!

Right, that's probably enough self-congratulation, but I'm chuffed to the proverbial to have won the poetry slam at this year's StAnza - Scotland's Poetry Festival. Believe it or not, this is my first slam title in Scotland. (Reversing my form at previous slams, on Saturday night I managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, qualifying for a tightly-fought final by dint of being highest-scoring runner-up in the heats.)

It was roughly ten years ago, while living in St Andrews (home of StAnza), that I first became aware of poetry slams - at around the same time I was starting to write more poetry designed for public performance. It was especially heartening to entertain an appreciative audience in the auditorium at the Byre Theatre which I used to supervise as a front-of-house attendant.

Now, to market myself, and my newly exalted status, shamelessly...

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