Thursday 27 February 2014

Is That You?

It's voting time again! Silverburn shopping centre in SW Glasgow recently announced their "Supersonnet" competition. Despite the name, they were not looking for sonnets (which exceeded the requested character length!), so I produced the short piece below. If you like it, and enough people vote for it here by 7 March, you can walk all over it when it is set into the new floor of the winter garden.

Is That You?

Is that you in the doorway with the short, dark hair?
Is that you looking round while I try not to to stare?
Is the face on my phone, here, now in the flesh there?
Is that you?

I've been waiting for someone, my mug in my hand,
To heat up my warmth and to sweeten my bland,
To stir what's been brewing and long left to stand.
Is that you?

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