Thursday 30 May 2019

Model citizen

After posing for photography and burlesque promo work, I started modelling professionally in autumn 2010 at the Glasgow School of Art. Since then, I have worked for the University of Strathclyde, East Renfrewshire Council, and various artists and art groups.

I was always rather fidgety as a child. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that modelling gives me a sense of achievement. I like to keep my body toned and supple for its own sake but it has spin-off benefits in the type of poses I can create and sustain in what often amounts to 'long-distance yoga'.

I have now started adding more photographs of artwork to my model page. More to follow.

 © Marion Knox (2019)
Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Strathclyde

© Frank Boyle (23/04/2019)

© Peter Thomason (28/03/2011)

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