Tuesday 26 August 2014


I have succumbed to peer pressure (from the world of politics) and passed it on via Macmillan's #IceBucketChallenge to friends (at least they were friends). Bonus points for identifying the verse form used. :)


This challenge I received from Robert Brown:
To hold aloft a bucket filled with ice
And ice-cold water then, within a trice,
To pour the frigid contents on my crown.

Though fearful lest I freeze, or maybe drown,
I’ll suffer this ordeal so far from nice –
To duck the ducking stunt incurs a price
To compensate for absent trickle-down.

The pain endured, the trouble I must share
And nominate three friends to undergo
To help support Macmillan’s cancer care:
Text ICE to seven-zero-five-five-o
To give three pounds, within two days, and dare;
Or dodge by texting FINE (ten pounds will flow).

The deed is done.  I’ll dry off soon and text.
To David, Erin, James – it’s your turn next.

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